Association's Chapters

Cold Lake:

November 13, 2002 Good day everyone from up here in Cold Lake. At the moment, in the shop we have Sgt Tim Hope, MCpl Dave Salisbury, Cpl Meadus, Cpl Dave Bonne,(a reservist attached to us from Winnipeg) and myself Cpl Rudy Skalaa. Also on base in the Design Cell is WO Bob Shingh. In the past few months we posted out MCpl Moe Morin to CFJSR Det Edmonton and received MCpl Salisbury from the above-mentioned Det. Sgt Tim Hope is on deployment in Bosnia for 6 months, and will return sometime in the New Year. Do to the shortage of people our workload keeps us extremely busy. The Line & Tel Services shop work closely together on all projects. We take care of all line maintenance both on the Base and out on the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range (CLAWR), which is approximately 50 km’s away from the main base. There appears to be new buildings being built in both areas on a constant basis. The shop also supports crews from CFJSR. At present, a crew from Kingston is on site conducting cable upgrades for the Base until the end of November. A crew from Edmonton will arrive this month for Antenna Maintenance so we have lots of linemen in and out (Lucky them). We also support a multi national exercise called Maple Flag (#36) every summer, which is our busiest time. This brings in a couple of thousand pilots, and aircrew from all over the world. They work out of about 60 ATCO trailers in areas all over the base, which we bring communication services to, and remove, at the end of exercise. This takes a lot of coordination and communication with all of the organizations on the base. We are a busy bunch way up here, but there is no other way to be, 052! On closing, we would like to wish everyone and their families Happy Holidays and best wishes take care...


Soldiers Honoured For Croatian Battle 19 WING COMOX – Two 19 Wing members who fought in the Medak Pocket were recognized Wednesday for their role in the fiercest action Canadian troops had seen since the Korean War. British Columbia’s Lieutenant Governor, the Honorable Iona Campagnolo, presented the Commander-In-Chief Commendation to Master Cpl. Blane Kilback and Cpl. Tom Young at Wing Headquarters. The presentation was made on behalf of the Right Honorable Adrienne Clarkson, Governor General of Canada and Commander-In-Chief of the Canadian Forces. Clarkson developed the award a year ago, to recognize the outstanding service of Canadian Forces in times of conflict under direct enemy fire. The pair earned the commendation for their actions in the Former Yugoslavia while serving with the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Battle Group on Operation Harmony. At the time, 2PPCLI was serving with the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR) under a UN mandate. Its task was to implement the latest cease-fire agreement between Croatian Army troops and Serbian irregular forces. In September 1993, the unit advanced into the disputed Medak Pocket in southern Croatia, inserting themselves between the warring factions. Suddenly, Croatian Army troops opened fire on them. For an entire afternoon and sporadically into the night, the Canadians became targets, facing incoming 20 mm cannon fire, heavy machine guns, and rocket-propelled grenades. The peacekeeping mission had turned into a war-fighting scenario. Some of the firefights lasted for minutes, others lasted more than an hour. When it was over, four Canadians were injured and 27 Croatian troops were dead. However, the story does not stop here. Once the battle was over, the Canadians resumed their peacekeeping duties, aiding the individuals who only moments before had been trying to kill them. Thanks to the Patricia’s’ intervention, ethnic cleansing in the area came to a stop for its heroic efforts, French General Cot awarded 2PPCLI the United Nations Force Commander’s Commendation, the first of its kind. Canada is now recognizing the contribution of the personnel who took part in the battle with the Commander-In-Chief commendation. Master Cpl. Kilback and Cpl. Young are just a few of the soldiers who have been honored...


1 Sigs Line Section

(Sept 2010) Edmonton 1 sigs line section has been fairly relaxed this year so far lots of new faces posted in and a couple boys getting out or posted. Also, lots of taskings across Canada that had to be done and 3 of us getting QL5 qualified. The biggest change for us is that we were moved from Charlie Tp to Bravo Tp which was a big more for the whole section but put lots of pressure on MCpl Kurt St.Germain the Line Section stores man with moving all the stores. So, I guess I’ll start by letting you know who got posted in, Sgt. Rich Poirier coming from CFSCE in Kingston, Sgt. Dan Milburn posted in from Army News, MCpl Curtis Schneikart getting posted in from Shilo, MCpl St.Germain coming in from Dundurn. Then we had 3 new lineman posted in from the school. Pte J.P. Dion and Pte Pierre LaForce finished their QL3 in July 09 and started out their line career with 1 sigs. Then in March 2010 we got Cpl Ryan Nistor a remuster from 3 PPCLI after he finished his QL3. We lost one of our best workers Cpl Mitch Callahan who released and moved back home to Dunville, Newfound and MCpl Rob Kuhn is just going across the road to 1 Service Battalion. That pretty much sums up who has come and gone in the last year or so. Getting to more of what we been doing at the unit. We had half the shop come home from Task Force 5-09 which was a ten months’ deployment to Afghanistan from Feb 09 to Nov 09. Then in the New Year the rest of shop that hadn’t gone on tour went to BC for the Olympics from Jan 2010 till March 2010. While that was all going on 3 Cpl’s Cpl Eric Patey, Cpl Ritchie Issacs, and Cpl Simon St. Marseille went on their QL5 in Kingston for 3 months. Also, there has been tasks all year such as being a driver for courses across Canada to being instructor on BMQ’s and Sgt. Mike Taylor being a admin WO for a basic officer’s course in Kingston for 5 months. For the rest of the shop which includes MCpl Scott Anderson, MCpl Bill Cunningham, Cpl Todd Clark and Cpl Jake Skaala while not on courses or tasked out we set up the new stores area and shop in Bravo Tp lines. Now for the remaining of the year not too much planned just one small exercise for the last 3 weeks of Oct and just waiting for Nov 1 to find out who will be going over seas for the Mission Termination Task Force the tear down. So, that’s about it nothing too crazy going on around here the last year to year and a half went by pretty fast for most of us now just waiting for the holidays where we can relax and enjoy some time off so we can start 2011 off and have another good year in 1 Sigs. By: Cpl Richie Isaacs

CFJSR Det Edmonton

Sept 20/10 It’s been an interesting year at Det. Edmonton so far, full of promotions, and posting. First, we say goodbye to some of our guys including The Samurai MCpl Leute who has now gone on to an Ops position at the mothership in Kingston. We also bid a farewell to our very own Vegan Cpl Pustovyk who decided to transfer over to the Air Force. Now for the promotions, there has been quite a few of these this year and hopefully one coming to the guy writing this newsletter (wink wink, Hint Hint). We start off with Adam Lafontaine and Curtis Gavin receiving their Cpl’s. Then we move on to the bigger guns, Sgt. Baines getting a promotion to Warrant and also a Congrats for receiving his commission to the Infantry as an Officer. WO Gallagher received his MWO’s. Now we are happy to welcome some new members coming over to Det. Edmonton. Cpl. Yashuk, MCpl Hawkins, and Sgt. Hewlin have all come here to share all their experience with us, we are sure they will make an excellent addition to an already awesome Det. As for our work, after a few days of rest and our leave well behind us, we pack up some tools and head out to our job. Leading one of the Crews is Sgt. Barrington, along with an all star cast of MCpl Hawkings, Cpl’s Gavin and Desmond and Pte Coreas. We got tasked to take care of all the Towers in Aldergrove and Matsqui. An interesting job for sure, I mean working in BC? Doesn’t get any better than that, right? Rain, Wind, Tall Towers, very tall and wet grass? It’s all good though, nothing JSR can’t handle, I mean it’s not like we’d get a Mini stuck in the mud or anything that never happens…… Leading an equally stellar crew is Sgt. Hewlin with MCpl Smith, Cpl’s Briggs and Yashuk and Pte’s Griffin and Price. These guys here will have a tough go out in Suffield AB. It’ll be a lot of work, late days and probably sweat, blood, and tears. In any case, it’ll be a good experience for all. There will be two of our members heading over to Afghanistan this year. Sgt Barrington and Cpl Desmond. They will be doing their last part of work up training in the beginning of Oct. In Kingston. We wish them the best of luck and a safe return, and we can rest assured that they will make our shop proud when they return...


Greets all from sunny B.C. Well, this year is quickly coming to an end, wish that was the same for all the work that needs to be done around here. Colwood kept both crews busy for the better part of three weeks with the install of a new section of cable to partially replace a pole route. Jay Thomas took the reins of the crews for the project and road them hard. Everything went to hell however when the cut over began while Jay was on leave. But with some quick thinking and a little patience all customers had their services back. I guess that will teach the rest of us to change what Jay had originally planned and to further add insult to injury, trust the “tech’s” cable records. Can’t live with them. Can’t beat ’em. With summer, over and spring finally getting here again. God, I don’t think I’ll ever get use to this weather………Dockyard got our version of a spring cleaning for out here in Victoria. Geoff and Steff were busy removing all kinds of old copper and fibre that has been gathering dust in some of the manholes. With all the cut-overs that have been happening, things had started to build up. Kelly Dean (Our Poster boy for reservist recruiting / Civilian) gave the boys an always-helping hand, together, pulling out enough copper and fibre to darn near break the axles on the utility trailer of ours. That’s not to mention the bay after bay of redundant cables and strand, Jay and myself took down. Nanoose. Nanoose, nanoose, nanoose. The only road job we have out here has come and gone. Roger, Geoff, Kelly, Adam (Mr. Miles just rejoined our shop recently) and myself made up the chosen few for this CBC version of Survivor. We’re not sure who won but like any CBC venture, it needed more funding. The work on the 60-ft. self support went well with the crew learning new skills and touching up on those that we all can get rusty at. This also gave the crew sometime do take care of a few of the trouble tickets that we had. Congratulations have to be given to LCF, Les Thomlinson on his recent promotion to that of Warrant Officer. However, with the good, also comes the bad, and we here, are having to say good-bye to Les and wish him all the best on his posting to Ottawa. Our best wishes go to his wife Sue and his two kids who will be joining him early next year, but we are sure that everyone will cope and get use to snow again. And as for Les. Ah…. I.R…….! Bill Johnson is coming in from CFJSR Det. Edmonton to take up position as our new LCF. We are looking forward to Bill joining us and are sure that B.C. will win him over again. On behalf of all the Telephone – Tough -Guys here in CFB Esquimalt, to all our fellow Linemen out there, WORK HARD AND PLAY HARDER !!!! THROUGH!