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Line Trade Kit Shops

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Mercury Shop

C&E Museum Kitshop

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The C&E Museum KitShop "The Mercury Shop".
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Military Veterans

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Gov Can

To better serve you, the Government of Canada is merging department and agency websites into one unified website: is organized by topics and tasks most requested by the public, and our improved search function allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

1 800 O-Canada

Gov Can

The 1 800 O-Canada service provides general information on Government of Canada programs, services and initiatives and guidance on how to access them.The service also provides information on alternative formats of reports and publications.

Telephone: 1 800 O-Canada
Within Canada, you can call toll-free from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., local time.

Gov Can

Veterans Affairs Canada deeply values the contribution that Veterans have made to the development of our nation and we honour the sacrifices they have made in the defence of freedom and the pursuit of world peace. In expressing Canada’s gratitude to them, we strive to exemplify many of the same principles which they represent – integrity, respect, service and commitment, accountability, and teamwork.

Canadian Armed Forces members are proud to serve Canada by defending its values, interests and sovereignty at home and abroad.
Consider a career in the Canadian Army. With hundreds of occupations, the Canadian Military offer a challenging and rewarding life with competitive pay and benefits.

Canaian Association of Vetarans in United Nation Peacekeeping. Is an association of retired and serving Canadian military (Regular and Reserve), RCMP and civilian personnel who have served on United Nations Peacekeeping Missions. The Association also welcomes those who have served on other peacekeeping missions in which participation was sanctioned by the Government of Canada.>


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is the Canadian national police service and an agency of the Ministry of Public Safety Canada.

The Canadian Forces Communication and Electronics Association is designed for all members of the Canadian Armed Forces Communications and Electronics (CAF C&E) community including serving members (Regular Force and Primary Reserve), and their families, retired members and their families, existing C&E associations and groups and friends of the C&E including Canadian industry.

To get in the loop please register at

Created by a Canadian peacekeeping veteran in dedication to all Canadian peacekeepers. Let us remember those who have given their lives in the name of peace throughout the world.


The Last Post Fund is dedicated to ensure, in so far as possible, that no war veterans, military disability pensioners or civilians who meet wartime service eligibility criteria are denied a dignified funeral and burial for lack of sufficient funds.To honour and protect in death seems but a small return to those who have protected their country in life.

An entirely new and must-see attraction, this national museum presents Canada’s military past and how it shaped the country. Its outstanding exhibitions explain Canada s rich military history from earliest times to the present, featuring the experiences of people on the battlefields and at home.

Military Communications and Electronics Museum

The Canadian Forces Communication and Electronics Branch, other than the aspect of forming a professional affiliation, primarily exists to assist in effectively managing and developing our most important resource – people.
The Communication and Electronics Branch was created “to enable members of the Canadian Forces in Communication and Electronics related occupations to identify with each other in a cohesive professional group”. This group is “based on similarity of military roles, customs and traditions”.

This site is intended to serve as an information source for all things to do with Military Signaling in Canada. In the Army, this work was done principally by members of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, in the Air force by the Telecommunications Branch and in the Navy by various groups. Currently the majority of these functions fall under the responsibility of the Communications and Electronics Branch consisting of Army, Air force and Navy personnel.

The Signalers Club of Canada;
From Semaphorum to Satellites.


NATO Veterans Organization

The NATO Veterans Organization of Canada began as an organization for mutual comradery and support for those who had served our country on NATO missions abroad. We have since evolved into a national organization made up exclusively of veterans from all branches of service and encompassing Veterans from all eras.
The NATO connection remains in-as-much-as all members of the Canadian Armed Forces may at any time be called on to serve on a NATO mission or find themselves under NATO command.

The aim of NB Sigs Association:
To serve as a social focus and a mean of mutual assistance for its members,
To promote and keep alive the spirit and camaraderie of retired and active Signallers/communicators,
To provide a mean for retired and active members of Military Communication in Canada who reside in the province or any where in the world to be able to support our troops in theatres of operations overseas,
To promote the volunteer spirit within the community/province,
To co-operate with other organizations whose purpose and objectives are wholly or in part the same as or similar to those of NB Sigs,
To pass on to their families and descendants the traditions for which they stand.

Provides free online hosting of public petitions for responsible public advocacy.

Veterans Transition Program has maintained the belief that soldiers are best served by other soldiers.


Many people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or operational stress injuries (OSI) also face the added challenge of an addiction. If you are a member of the military, a veteran, an RCMP officer, or a first responder, Bellwood's Addiction & PTSD/OSI Treatment Program can help you recover from these dual challenges and reclaim your life. Call 24/7: 1-866-475-3254

Canadian ressources to "Quit Smoking" via website or
HelpLine: 1-877-513-5333 is a free online directory listing of alcohol and drug rehab programs and other addiction-related services located in Canada. is dedicated to helping Canadians, their families and addiction treatment professionals

Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals living with the devastating effects of drug addiction, thereby lessoning the adverse impact on families and society as a whole. We will achieve this by providing a range of harm reduction strategies and supportive treatment modalities. We will provide our patients with the finest medical care, clinical and pharmacy services, that we are able to muster both individually and collectively.

Sobriety Home is a confidential, specialized residential rehab center in Quebec providing addiction treatment programs in a serene environment, away from the temptations of city life. Taking a holistic approach, we address the whole of the person: mind, body, and spirit.

OnTheWagon was founded by victims of drug and alcohol abuse with the objective of creating the most comprehensive and authoritative resource for parents, children, friends, and society as a whole on drug abuse and mental health related issues, with the end goal to get them back "on the wagon." This goal accomplished via the dissemination of substance abuse information and advocate healthy life choices by using free, integrated social media, web-based campaigns, and experts in the field. These campaigns consist of substance abuse prevention messages that intend to change attitudes, and ultimately, behaviors.

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